The MaKE my health Program

Your 4-week journey to MaKE your health

How it works

Next 4 week Program starts September 20th 2020.

There are 3 groups to choose from.

The 4-week program is just $380.
(Less than $32 per hour). 

Session 1

2 hours each week 
You’ll experience: 

Session 2

1 hour each week.
You’ll experience: 

Love it or your money back!

If you decide it’s not for you, I’ll gladly give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose! 

Experience Mindful awareness and self-Kindness, and how to integrate these practices into your life. Get your body moving, flexing, toning, balancing and stretching, using up-to-date exercise approaches.
Practice Mindful awareness and self-Kindness with your supportive group, consolidating and fine tuning them. Get active; helping establish healthy habits for the rest of your life.​

You will be surrounded by people who are  working diligently to improve their physical and psychological health. The support this brings is invaluable, and will help you to stay motivated and confident so that you can get the best out of your commitment to the program.

Do you want to:

  • become someone who moves more and sits less, has more energy, fitness, strength, balance and tone?
  • start to make changes to health related issues?
  • be more resilient, happier, calmer, motivated, and satisfied with your life?
  • become someone who is kind and friendly to themselves and others; who lets go of self-judgment and makes healthier choices for themselves?
  • become someone who looks forward to their future; brimming with opportunities to moderate many of the age-related changes, once thought of as inevitable?

Then I welcome you to join the program!

More about the MaKE my health sessions:

Choose from 3 group session times each week. 

The private, purpose built MaKE my health studio is situated at 134A Hampton Road, Fremantle. 

In Mindful awareness training you will learn:

  • formal and informal mindfulness practices and how living a mindful life is important for happiness and well-being,
  • common obstacles to living more mindfully in your life, and how to overcome them,
  • how mindfulness can change the way you approach and deal with stress,
  • effective ways of managing physical discomfort and pain,
  • pathways to discovering the inner sense of calm, wisdom and joy we all have within us.
In self-Kindness training you will explore:
  • how to be kind and friendly towards yourself in any situation, especially when you’ve made a mistake or feel you’ve fallen short,
  • various loving kindness practices for yourself and others, that you can incorporate into your life,
  • your core values as they relate to developing self-kindness,
  • different ways of relating to troubling thoughts and unpleasant emotions,
  • how to combat any doubts that may arise around learning self-kindness, like becoming demotivated or self-pitying.

During the exercise session you will:

  • learn various safe and effective aerobic (cardio) exercises, designed for a range of abilities and fitness levels. The exercises involve simple, easy moves – even if you have 2 left feet. You’ll be taken down memory lane with motivating, nostalgic music to accompany you,
  • complete resistance training activities, using light weights or your own body weight,
  • learn muscle activation techniques designed to enhance the muscle-mind connection,
  • learn different stretching/flexibility movements, as well as balance exercises,
  • learn up-to-date exercise approaches, and how to incorporate suitable ones into your life.

Each class is personally run by Penelope, your health coach for the entire program. Classes are tailored to your individual health goals and personal fitness levels. Classes are held in Fremantle. 


I will support you to keep working towards your long-term health and well-being goals.

Once you have completed the Program, you’ll have the opportunity to join any of the 5 MaKE my health group classes held each week. These classes are run separately from the 4-week program.

These 1 hour group classes include: 20 minutes of Mindful awareness & self-Kindness, and 40 minutes of exercise.

To register for post-program classes, please get in touch.

A word from the EXPERTS

As a Clinical Psychologist for many years, who also has a regular yoga & meditation practice, I believe Penelope has developed a unique and yet obvious and common sense approach to working with health. There is growing research-based evidence supporting the integration of mindfulness, self compassion and movement into psychotherapeutic approaches, as well as self care practices. In addition, the benefits of a group approach in making any form of behaviour change are well documented.

- Elyse Frankel - Clinical Psychologist

Learn, explore and grow with this comprehensive program – developed by Mindfulness teacher, Psychologist, Personal Trainer, and Health Advocate, Penelope.

A combination of mental, emotional and physical health training, designed for adults 40-75+. This program will help you to optimise your wellbeing in extensive and sustainable ways.

The MaKE my health program is for everyone, regardless of where you are in your health journey; from total beginner to those further along in both fitness and mindfulness practice.

Photo of Penelope Lane


What have you got to lose?

Love it or your money back!

Bring a friend for FREE. This is a limited time offer to welcome new participants to MaKE my health Fremantle. Sign up for the program and I’ll  let you know how to register your friend for free. 

Terms & conditions apply. 

Getting started is easy

Unlike a typical health program, Penelope will help you work on your mind, heart and body as a whole – so you can experience an overall sense of health right now, and maintain it for your future.

(Love it or your money back!)


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