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MaKE my health brings together 3 key elements of real health:

Mindfuless practice group in Fremantle

Mindful awareness, or Mindfulness, is the backbone of the MaKE my health program.

As we become more mindfully aware, we can focus clearly and objectively on what’s actually happening in the moment, without any judgement.

Why is this crucial for our health?

When we’re fighting and avoiding our negative thoughts and feelings, we remain trapped in unhealthy and unhelpful habits and reactions. Mindful awareness allows us to create a healthy, balanced distance from our negative thoughts and feelings, so we can work wisely, positively and constructively towards the changes we wish to make in our life – both in body and in mind.

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Self-Kindness is the practice of treating yourself with care, the same way you would a very good friend, and doing the things that are healthy for you. 

It curbs self-criticism and blaming, which stops you from pursuing positive, health-related activities. Judging yourself or blaming others doesn’t help you improve – but self-Kindness is a very effective motivator for positive change, as it offers support and encouragement. Think of it as the ‘glue’ that enables MaKE my health participants to keep on keeping on with effective, healthy lifestyle choices.

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We all know exercise is essential for our physical health – but it is also crucial for balancing and improving psychological health.

Exercise is one of the pillars of the program, with participants gaining muscular strength, tone, flexibility and endurance, as well as better balance and increased oxygen flow to the entire body. Not just making you fitter and stronger, regular exercise is key to helping you feel good – boosting your mood and improving your outlook. 

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A word from the experts

As a Clinical Psychologist for many years, who also has a regular yoga & meditation practice, I believe Penelope has developed a unique and yet obvious and common sense approach to working with health. There is growing research-based evidence supporting the integration of mindfulness, self compassion and movement into psychotherapeutic approaches, as well as self care practices. In addition, the benefits of a group approach in making any form of behaviour change are well documented.

- Elyse Frankel - Clinical Psychologist

Unlocking real well-being

There are several essential health and well-being resources including exercise, mindfulness, and self-kindness, combined with good nutrition, adequate sleep, positive social connections, and a sense of purpose, 

As a society, we are beginning to understand that real wellness is a combination of mind, heart and body – and it’s a symbiotic relationship between them which helps us experience real, sustainable health. 

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Photo of Penelope practicing Mindfulness


The MaKE my health program gives you an amazing opportunity to explore, learn, and participate in activities and training in Mindful awareness, self-Kindness, and Exercise.

My goal is to help you create a balanced mind, happy heart, and active body during this 4-week program – and learn the tools you need to maintain your own health for the rest of your life.

Penelope Lane

The initial 4-week program is just $380. (Less than $32 per hour).
There are 2 sessions each week. Find out more.

Photo of makr my health coach penelope holding small weights

You may be wondering...

The initial 4-week program is just $380.
(Less than $32 per hour). The ongoing 1 hour classes, which run independently from the 4 week program, are $35. If you attend a couple of classes and decide it’s not for you, Penelope will issue a full refund. You have nothing to lose! 

The classes are held in the MaKE my health studio, situated on 134A Hampton Road, Fremantle. 

This is a skills-based or resource building program, not a therapeutic group. It may not suitable if you have serious mental health issues.

You will be encouraged to discuss your experiences within the content of the program and in homework activities, and you will learn how you can implement the training into your life.

The program is not designed to address individual psychological issues and crises.

If you would like to discuss your suitability for this program, please contact Penelope.

This program caters for all fitness/strength levels, so whether you’re fit or not, you will benefit from being part of this program. Exercise alternatives are included in the exercise instructions and guidelines. You will never be in a situation where you can not do an exercise.

If you have an injury or medical concern that precludes a certain exercise; then appropriate alternatives will be demonstrated.

That’s completely OK – no prior experience with meditation is required. Absolute beginners are very welcome, as are people who have more experience with mindfulness practices.

The classes start 23rd August 2020. Details can be found in START THE PROGRAM.

Getting started is easy

Unlike a typical health program, Penelope will help you work on your mind, heart and body as a whole – so you can experience an overall sense of health right now, and maintain it for your future.

(Love it or your money back!)


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