MaKE positive changes to your physical & mental health with this unique program.

Transform your mind, heart and body for lifelong health!

MaKE my health is about creating real, sustainable lifestyle changes by integrating 3 essential areas of wellness;
Mindful awareness, self-Kindness and Exercise.


Because unlike a typical health program, you will work on your mind, heart and body as a whole – helping you experience an overall sense of health right now, while equipping you to maintain it for your future.

The initial 4-week program is just $380. (Less than $32 per hour).
There are 2 sessions each week. Find out more.

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Love it or your money back!


Is the MaKE My Health Program right for you?

MaKE my health is a balanced, comprehensive and effective wellness program, incorporating 3 essential elements of health in one research-backed program.

The MaKE My Health program is perfect if you:

  • struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • have an exercise routine of sorts but can’t seem to establish a mindfulness practice
  • feel your mind-heart connection is grounded, but exercising your body isn’t happening
  • have tried to meditate, but found it difficult
  • wish you were not so hard on yourself
  • think you are too unfit, too old, uncoordinated or lack the motivation to change your health
  • are between 40 and 75+ years old.

The program is designed to empower and support you so that you can make the changes needed to live your life to the fullest.


Penelope Lane

I believe that with the right guidance and skills, you can improve your health significantly – wherever you are starting from.

Penelope Lane

As a Clinical Psychologist, Mindfulness Practitioner and Personal Trainer, I have been helping people live better for over 30 years.

I know that so many things can get in the way of having a healthy lifestyle. And it’s OK. We are all doing the best we can and, in my experience as a confidant and trainer to my clients, we all want to improve our lives and sometimes just need the right help to get us there.

My commitment is to assist you to find the strength, motivation and courage you need to make real changes in your physical and psychological health.

The MaKE my health program is the culmination of the trials and tribulations of my own health journey, as well as my professional experience in the areas of Mindfulness, Psychology, and Fitness. It would be my privilege to be your ‘wellness ally’, doing my absolute best to support, guide and inspire you as you work towards achieving your health goals. Why I Started the MaKE My Health Program


What have you got to lose?

Love it or your money back!

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Unlike a typical health program, Penelope will help you work on your mind, heart and body as a whole – so you can experience an overall sense of health right now, and maintain it for your future.

(Love it or your money back!)


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